Sunday, February 27, 2022

Now Shipping: bare•bones #9

Inside the ninth issue of bare•bones, you will find:
  • Matthew R. Bradley on A.E. van Vogt’s Voyage of the Space Beagle and its on-screen offspring
  • A look at eurospy films of the ‘60s by William Schoell
  • J. Charles Burwell examines Joe Gores’ DKA File Series
  • Duane Swierczynski revisits Robert Culp’s Hickey & Boggs
  • Take a trip back in time for a 1974 Boxoffice review by John Scoleri
  • A guide to Sure Fire Detective Stories by Peter Enfantino
  • S. Craig Zahler reviews a number of horror manga from Japan
  • Peter Enfantino shines a light down Sleaze Alley
  • The latest installment of David J. Schow’s R&D column
  • A special vintage treat for fans of The Day of the Triffids

  • bare•bones #9 - Winter 2022
    Publication Date: February 27, 2022 
    Suggested Retail Price: $9.95
    Trade Paperback - 114 pages
    ISBN-13: 979-8488132511
    Dimensions: 6 x 0.29 x 9 inches

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    Tuesday, February 15, 2022

    Now Shipping: BLACK LEATHER REQUIRED by David J. Schow

    Despair. Betrayal. Violent death. Scary monsters. Murder most foul. Things blowing up real good. Dinosaurs. Great big guns. Cannibalism, necrophilia, drug abuse, scuffed psyches and shattered hearts. Good guys, bad guys, and worse things waiting. Sound like fun? “This man must sound the Degüello when he sits down to write,” says F. Paul Wilson of the person whose name you’ll find on the spine here. “No quarter. No prisoners. No deals.”

    It’s too easy to hang that deadly wrong turn and crash face-first into your worst nightmares . . . or most fervent desires, as these thirteen stories demonstrate.

    In “Sedalia” you’ll meet a modern-day drover on a dinosaur roundup; then, in “Kamikaze Butterflies,” you’ll see that cowboy romanticism subverted, as an ironic flipside to the Ray Bradbury classic, “A Sound of Thunder.”

    In “Bad Guy Hats” you’ll meet brand-new monsters who look just like the people you ignore in 7-Elevens.

    Or how about interior evil, the torment of love destroyed? Read “Life Partner” or “Sand Sculpture.” (You may never step out of your front door again.)

    Cimarron Street Books is pleased to bring you the International Horror Guild nominee for Best Collection, David J. Schow’s third assembly of short stories, back in print after nearly 30 years, in its first paperback edition ever, with an all-new cover and seventeen interior illustrations by artist extraordinaire Timothy R. Bradstreet!

    Black Leather Required. Absolutely. Time to strap it on.

    DAVID J. SCHOW is the World Fantasy Award-winning author of numerous novels, collections, TV shows, movies, nonfiction and comics — too many to count — and Black Leather Required is his tenth title in Cimarron Street’s massive reprint program of his work. Collect ‘em all!

    Full contents include:
    Introduction by John Farris 
    The Shaft 
    A Week in the Unlife 
    Scoop Makes a Swirly 
    Kamikaze Butterflies 
    Beggar’s Banquet, with Summer Sausage 
    Knight Moves 
    Jerry’s Kids Meet Wormboy 
    Life Partner 
    Gore Movie (unpublished novel excerpt) 
    Sand Sculpture
    Bad Guy Hats 
    View from the Top by Robert Sabat
    Black Leather Required by David J. Schow
    Publication Date: February 6, 2022
    Suggested Retail Price: $16.95
    Trade Paperback - 362 pages
    ISBN-13: 979-8454253356
    Dimensions: 6 x 0.91 x 9 inches

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