Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Holiday sale!

All Cimarron Street titles (with the exception of the latest issue of bare•bones) are now on sale through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

Now's your chance to fill any holes in your collection, or check out some of our titles that you haven't yet experienced!

Sale prices include:
  • bare•bones back issues for $8!
  • The Best of bare•bones for $12.95 in paperback and $18.95 in hardcover!
  • The Best of The Scream Factory for $24.95!
  • Robert Colby's THE DEVIL'S COLLECTOR for $9.95!
  • John Farris' BLOODY MARY MORNING for $14.95!
And our full line of David J. Schow titles:
  •  HAVOC SWIMS JADED for $12.95!
  •  SILVER SCREAM for $15.95!
  •  SEEING RED for $13.95!
  •  EYE for $11.95!
  •  ZOMBIE JAM for $11.95!
  •  MONSTER MOVIES for $11.95!
  •  WILD HAIRS for $13.95!
  •  CRYPT ORCHIDS for $12.95!
  •  LOST ANGELS for $13.95!
  •  WEIRD DOOM for $7.99!

You can use the links in the sidebar to the right to connect to Amazon for ordering.

Act fast, as these prices will only last through the holiday weekend. We wish you all the best this holiday season, and thank you for your support!

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